Jami Jones
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Kansal Family  December 10, 2018 As a photographer I am used to working with locals for almost all of my work, so when my latest client called to schedule a session all the way from Chicago I was quite excited. I found out it was a extended family coming from Chicago to celebrate the grandmothers 70th birthday. They surprised her with a trip to San Antonio which she didn't learn about until she got to the airport. They had a great time seeing the sights and enjoying the warm weather. It was a beautiful weekend when they were here and we were able to capture the beauty of the riverwalk while taking their family portraits. It was a fantastic experience and I hope they cherish this photos and remember their time in San Antonio when they look at them.
Jami Jones
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Brommerich Children  November 29, 2018  The week of Thanksgiving was full of fun, family and yummy food but on top of that I had the opportunity to do a fun session with two sweet and silly kids. The two kiddos in the session were a brother and sister who have a 5 year age gap. This meant big brother was ready to get home and play video games and little sister was so excited to have an excuse to hug her brother all morning. It was so sweet to watch her squeeze him tight and for them to laugh and play. Towards the end of the session she told me, "I can't wait to put a photo of me and my brother hugging up in my room". That made my heart melt! I can't wait for this family to receive their photos and have them forever. 
Jami Jones
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Kristy and Jessie  October 11, 2018  When you have a milestone birthday in life people like to celebrate in many different ways from trips to parties. My most recent client wanted to celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday by doing something special that she enjoys or has always wanted to do in the 30 days leading up to her special birthday. One of the things on her list was to have photos taken of her and her sweet adorable dog Jessie. We left San Antonio and went to the nearby city of Beorne and spend some time exploring one of my favorite shooting locations, Cibolo Nature Center. I got to capture the love Kristy has for her pup and visa versa while also taking some lovely portraits of Kristy and some amazing shots of her sweet Jessie. At the end of the shoot Jessie even got to play in the creek and have the time of her life. This is one of my favorite shoots and I am so excited to share it with you. 

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